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          BOW 2018 Bulletin 1
          • 文章来源:中国定向网 2018-09-30 点击率:181

          20-29 October 2018?Beijing,China

          Bulletin 1

          1. About BOW

          Beijing Orienteering Week (BOW) was created in 2016 by Learnjoy Sports and with cooperation with Park World Tour. It is an orienteering carnival last 9-10 days including some orienteering events and activities such as PWT China Tour, World Ranking Event and Beijing Orienteering Championships for the Students of Primary Schools and Middle Schools and etc.

          2. Classes

          1WE, W10, W12, W16, W18, W21, W35, W45, W55, W65,

          ME, M10, M12, M16, M18, M21, M35, M45, M55, M65

          2)OPEN1(easy), OPEN2 (difficult)

          3. Program

          4. Organizing Committee

          Organizers: Learnjoy Sports, Park World Tour, Beijing Orienteering Association  

          Director: Tan Xiaoping                

          Event Adviser:Jaroslav Kacmarcik

          Maps:All maps are produced by Chinese mapmakers

          Special Thanks to:International Orienteering Federation



          5. Event Center

          Address:Learnjoy Sports Beijing office,

          F106, Dobe We, Dong Cheng District, BeiJing

          Opening hours:9:00-17:00

          Secretary:Liu Yang, info@orienteering.cn, +8613810172586


          6. Entries and Entry Fees

          For Chinese runners, you may make your entry at http://bm.orienteering.cn.

          For other international runners, you may choose http://www.orienteeringonline.net.


          The entry fees of individual races are shown as below.

          ·Package fees are shown as follows

          7. Punching System

          Learnjoy punching system shall be used for all stages. If you have no Learnjoy card, you may rent from the organizer for Euro 2.5 per race. The rented cards should be returned to the organizer after the final stage. Any lost or damage to the rented card due to the runner’s reason may cause 25 Euro for compensation. You may also buy a tailored Learnjoy card with your name at 25 Euro for BOW of this year and the future. Please send your request by Email with your entry.


          8. Payment

          For RMB payment, you may choose the following ways:









          For Euro Payment, you may choose the following ways:

          1. Bank transfer

          BeneficiaryBeijing Learnjoy Sports Marketing Co., Ltd.

          BankChina Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.

          SWIFT BIC: MSBCCNBJ001


          AddressTiantan Dongli Zhongqu Jia 14 Hao, Dongcheng District, Beijing

          2. Paypal

          Beneficiary: tanxp@orienteering.cn 


          9. Prizes

          There will be prizes in cash only for the classes of WE and ME. The top 10 runners of the other classes will be given the diplomas by BOW or PWT.

          10. Climate

          The temperature is from 11 ℃ to 20 ℃ in October.

          11. Visa 

          For more information about visa requirements to visit China, please contact the website of this website: www.visaforchina.org/. Please contact the organizing committee if you need an invitation letter.

          12. Contact

          Email: info@orienteering.cn 
          Website: www.speedyvisit.com




          Bulletin 2 is to be issued in Oct. 2018

          Beijing O Week Bulletin 1.pdf

          Entry Form for BOW(final).xlsx